London & Salisbury - UK


Upcoming Events

(1st, 8th and 22th of June)

A series of workshops by Yuri Bellicanta and Kate Miller designed to improve your Vals.

Each workshop will consist of a class of 1h15min followed by 45 minutes of guided practice time.

Past Events
18/05/2019, London

Performance and FREE TASTER class at Wandsworth Arts Fringe.
11/05/2019, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Performance and DJing at 'Tu Milonga' (Caminito&Tangomania), Saint Petersburg, Russia.

10/05/2019, Saint Petersburg

Performance and DJing at milonga 'El Salon', Saint Petersburg, Russia.

03/05/2019, Riga

Performance at Riga Tango Fiesta, Latvia.

Maestros and Dj performing at Riga Tango Fiesta
Milonga Workshop Series, London
(16th, 23th and 30th of March)

A series of workshops by Yuri Bellicanta and Kate Miller designed to improve your Milonga.

16/03/2019 - Workshop 1

Understand and ‘become’ the milonga – milonga is not tango, get the milonga pulse going in your body and learn how to combine basic patterns to make the most of it.

23/03/2019 - Workshop 2

Expand your possibilities – there is no such a thing as ‘a step’, once the pulse is going, enrich your milonga by playing with the music’s rhythm and phrasing to give a variety of possibilities to the movement.

30/03/2019 - Workshop 3

‘Meta Fierro’ – ‘at full speed’, when the music opens fully the tap of sound and throws a waterfall of notes towards us.. solutions to render those fast bits, the 'fancy' moves you are looking for to not miss that fun moment! But in a musical context, not for the sake of it!

24/02/2019, Salisbury

FREE EVENT – 'Introduction to Argentine Tango' – open to anyone

2.30pm – Hale Hall, 47 Bedwin Street (entrance School Lane), SP1 3UT

13/11/2018, London

Workshops with DIEGO CONVERTI and GRACIELA GAMBA (from Buenos Aires)

- workshop 1: 7.30-8.30pm TANGO - Improvers/Intermediates - 'Different basic giros for the dancefloor'

- workshop 2: 8.30-9.30pm TANGO - Advanced - 'Different types of complex sacadas in giros with boleos'

- practica: 9.30-10.30pm

16/10/2018, London

Workshops with LUIS RODRIGUEZ and ELIZABETH KNOCK (of 'Tango y Nada Mas', London)

- workshop 1: MILONGA 7.30-8.30pm

- workshop 2: VALS, 'Vals for the brave' 8.30-9.30pm

- practica: 9.30-10.30pm