Salisbury & London - UK

Yuri 'Gaúcho' tango DJ

Of good tango music there is aplenty.. let's play it!

There is for every taste and every mood. With years of experience in playing music of different genres and periods (from 16th century to present day..), mainly on keyboard instruments, I cannot help not listening to music like a musician, and that is useful in many ways, but ultimately I think like a dancer! I will only play music that I would dance myself. Nothing worse than that feeling of '..oh no, not this, I'll skip it..' or '..oh no, not that Hollywood tango again..' or even worse '..the whole evening has been the same, chopi-chopi-chopi..'.

With so much good music, sometimes what an evening needs is just a good balance. I am definitely not the one who is going to pick up and play that strange tango that nobody ever plays (or played..) just to show how clever I am. There is a reason why it is not played.. but there is no reason nor excuse not to play neglected good popular music.

I am there to make people dance and I can tell you, if they like tango they will!!



phone: 07411105198

facebook: Meta Fierro Tango @metafierrotangouk