Salisbury & London - UK

About Us

We are Yuri and Kate. We met dancing Tango some years ago and have since been studying and perfecting together an authentic, nonetheless individual, style of this fine form of expression. Musicality and elegance are at the centre of our dance.

Yuri 'Gaúcho' Bellicanta

I was born in the pampa of southern Brazil, in the border with Uruguay, a land of gauchos, horses and a distinctive music folklore. Many friends call me 'gaucho'. I am a keen musician and have been studying the complexity of the tango music since I first listened to it. I inevitably put all of this in my dance. I truly believe that the music is the most important aspect of tango, the dance is a consequence!

Kate Miller

I was born in Bristol and I started dancing classical ballet when I was 5 years old. I also had some musical training but dancing always came first. Since I have come across tango, it has become part of my life. I want to be like my grandmother who has just recently hang up her dancing shoes at the age of 95. She is my inspiration! Her example motivates me to perfect and find solutions in the dance that ensure a healthy use of the body.

Kate and Yuri are champions of the Baltic Open Tango Cup 2018 (tango pista and tango vals) and finalists at the Munster Tango Contest 2018 (tango pista and milonga), achieving 3rd place in the category milonga Europe.