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About Tango

It is not easy to define Tango and there is not one definition of it. To keep it simple, it is first of all a genre of music and a social dance. From here we depart in saying it is a culture, a way of life, an obsession, an addiction, pure feeling, passion, and so on.

In Tango everyone has a different way of expressing him- or herself. Some like one way, some another. We like and are inspired by the classic Tango de Salon of Buenos Aires, a style forged during the golden age of this dance (and music) in the 1940-50s. A dance style deeply rooted in its cultural origins. An improvised dance focused in the connection with the music and the partner.

Within tango there are three types of dance: tango, tango vals and milonga.

Milonga is also the name of the place or event where it all happens. It is the social occasion where people meet to dance tango.

Knowing this, come and try it! Find out what tango means to you!

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